DevSecOps Coffee Break Series

Webinar Description

This webinar series consists of five 15-20 minute sessions. They’re fast, effective and best of all, they’re on the house! Each session covers a key security, compliance or DevSecOps use case. JFrog Xray is a software composition analysis (SCA) solution that scans your open source software (OSS) dependencies for security vulnerabilities and license compliance issues. It integrates natively with JFrog Artifactory and uses deep recursive scanning to scan repositories, build packages, releases and container images. Gain confidence in your software releases with JFrog Xray.

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All sessions will start at 11:30 AM PST.

  1. October 11th: Add OSS Security & Compliance to Artifactory - Introduction to JFrog Xray and how to reduce vulnerability and license risks of the open source and 3rd party dependencies you rely on.
  2. October 12th: Creation of Your Software Bill Of Materials (SBOM) - Learn what an SBOM is, how it will benefit you, which misconceptions exist around it, and why it must be a key element of your SDLC security and compliance process.
  3. October 13th: Securing Your Software Supply Chain - Learn how you can protect your software development lifecycle (SDLC) from supply chain attacks, and ensure the software you deliver to your employees and your customers is safe.
  4. October 14th: ‘Shift Left’ Security With A Developer Centric Approach - Learn best practices to immediately “shift left” in your Cl/CD process and fix vulnerabilities before they move into the next stage of your SDLC.
  5. October 15th: If JFrog is Good Enough For The Government, Why Not You? - JFrog Artifactory and JFrog Xray achieved Iron Bank Certification - see how they can improve your SDLC security posture with the JFrog Platform.
Date:   October 11th - 15th
Time:   11:30 AM PDT|2:30 PM EDT
Duration   15 - 30 minutes
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