JFrog and Upswift: Bringing IoT Software Updates to DevOps

Webinar Description

JFrog has acquired Upswift to bring the world of connected devices into the DevOps pipeline!

Managing fleets of devices and edge applications remotely - including over-the-air (OTA) updates, security, monitoring, controlling and more - has quickly become unwieldy for most companies, with growth of connected devices expected to reach 24 billion in 2026. But, most of today’s DevOps solutions are not optimized or built to deliver software updates to distributed edge and IoT environments.

Until now.

The combination of JFrog and Upswift will provide a developer-friendly device management and update technology that can easily integrate with current DevOps flows, delivering a single pane of glass for DevOps engineers and developers to securely manage the complete device software release cycle, reducing deployment time and operational pain.

Join JFrog CTO Yoav Landman and Upswift CEO Amit Ezer to explore the recent acquisition and the future of JFrog’s connected device technology.

Presenter Information

Yoav Landman

CTO, JFrog

Amit Ezer

CEO, Upswift

Date:   October 7
Time:   10am PT - 8pm IL
Duration   1 hour
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