Kubernetes is Hard! Lessons Learned On Implementing Kubernetes and JFrog
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Webinar Description

Taking your apps into Kubernetes is easy, simply package them up in a Docker container and you're ready to go! If only that was actually true… In reality, the challenges of taking your existing application to the cloud-native environment of Kubernetes are huge. They require changes in the way your applications behave, and the way you administer them.

Do you really know how to get up and running with your existing applications in Kubernetes?

In this webinar, we will chat with Rimas Mocevicius, the founder of HELM, on how to prepare and deploy your applications to Kubernetes and the challenges you might encounter. We'll also look at how to take JFrog's existing applications into Kubernetes.

Who should attend:

Developers and managers looking into taking their applications to Kubernetes.


Familiarity with Kubernetes and Cloud Native concepts is recommended.

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Date: Tuesday, December 18th
Time: 10:00 AM CET
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Duration: 60 Min
Rimas Mocevicius
Leon Stigter
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Presenter Information
Senior Solutions Developer
Developer Advocate
Rimas Mocevicius is big Open Source supporter. He Co-founded Helm and wrote CoreOS Essentials book. We are very happy to announce that he has recently joined JFrog as a Senior Developer.

Leon Stigter is a Developer Advocate at JFrog, where he helps developers get the most out of their DevOps tools and ultimately help them towards the vision of Liquid Software. Leon is passionate about all things Cloud and in his personal life he’s on a mission to taste cheesecake in every city he visits (recommendations can be sent to @LeonStigter).