The Frog, Whale and Butler: CI Pipelines For Modern DevOps
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Webinar Description

No relationship in DevOps is more important than that between your CI/CD server and your Binary Repository. Jenkins has long been the go-to server for CI/CD, and JFrog Artifactory has long been one of the most popular integrations with it. This webinar focuses on the new features of the integration, leveraging the Jenkins Pipeline DSL for infrastructure-as-code of your favorite artifactory features whether it be generic, maven, gradle or Docker, and will show an end-to-end example of pipelines across multiple technologies and how powerful these new capabilities are.

Who should attend:

Developers and DevOps engineers who are currently using Artifactory and/or Jenkins, and want to know how to leverage the integration to the greatest extent.


Introduction to JFrog Artifactory Webinar

The Agenda:

  • Quick Overview of Artifactory & Jenkins
  • Quick Intro to Jenkins Pipelines
  • Complex Pipeline patterns across multiple technologies
  • Demonstration
  • Q&A

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Date: Wednesday, December 12th
Time: 11:00 AM CET
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Duration: 60 Min
Host: Elad Hirsch
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Presenter Information
Elad Hirsch
DevOps Consultant
Elad has been a Developer for over fifteen years. He enjoys speaking at Meetups and conferences about DevOps, JavaScript, Java and more! Most recently, Elad has been redesigning a complex web infrastructure project and introduce a new Client side DevOps pipeline for the organization.