One CLI to Rule Them All
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Webinar Description:

REST is awesome, I mean who doesn't like a good night’s sleep?

In this case, we're talking about APIs. To be honest, REST APIs are awesome and the JFrog products have great APIs already. However, the problem is that you have to use cURL, Postman or any of those tools to call the APIs, which can be painful.

Thankfully, JFrog has built an open-source CLI to manage all artifacts in Artifactory and Bintray, helping you with a wide variety of administrative tasks for other products too! Combine this with JFrog CLI, and voila, your one-stop shop for all JFrog DevOps tasks.

Join us as we discuss REST, APIs, JFrog CLI, and how to use it from your machine and with different CI servers.

Who should attend:

  • Developers and DevOps engineers who are responsible for administering JFrog products.
  • Developers and DevOps engineers interested in techniques for managing artifacts when not using a standard package manager tool like Maven, Gradle, NuGet etc.

A basic familiarity with Artifactory and other JFrog products -- we will be discussing some more advanced capabilities.

The Agenda:

  • Quick overview of JFrog products
  • Overview of JFrog CLI
  • Using JFrog CLI to manage artifacts
  • Other applications of JFrog CLI
  • Q&A

Note: To get a head start, we suggest downloading a free trial of Artifactory to get a feel for the concepts we are discussing!

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Date: Tuesday, January 15th, 2019
Time: 10:30 AM PST
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Duration: 1 Hour
Host: Leon Stigter
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Presenter Information
Leon Stigter
Developer Advocate
Leon Stigter is a Developer Advocate at JFrog, where he helps developers get the most out of their DevOps tools and ultimately help them towards the vision of Liquid Software. Leon is passionate about all things Cloud and in his personal life he’s on a mission to taste cheesecake in every city he visits (recommendations can be sent to @LeonStigter).