JFrog Artifactory and Pure Storage - Simplify and accelerate Artifactory repositories
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Webinar Description:

Modern software development is getting bigger with a high volume of large binaries and various artifact versions that are shared across many data pipelines. Universal binary package managers, like JFrog Artifactory, integrate with various workflows in the software development lifecycle on Pure Storage - FlashBlade for scalable performance, cost efficiency, and manageability. Join our webinar to learn how FlashBlade manages the Artifactory database to scale performance and manageability with improved cost efficiency. The Artifactory data can be accessed from the Kubernetes cluster with Zero Storage touch on FlashBlade which reduces the data footprint in production, while Array level snapshot and bucket versioning allows simple data protection for better manageability.

Who should attend:
DevOps Admins, SREs, Infrastructure Engg.s, Workflow admins

Knowledge about JFrog Artifactory, Kubernetes, Persistent data.

The Agenda:

  • Overview of JFrog Artifactory
  • Data Challenges
  • JFrog Artifactory on FlashBlade S3 Solution
  • Demo and performance validation
  • Q&A

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Date: May 20th
Time: 10:30 AM PST
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Duration: 1 hour
Mark Galpin
Bikash Roy Choudhury
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Presenter Information
Mark Galpin
Bikash Roy Choudhury
Mark Galpin is a Senior Product Manager at JFrog, the creators of the Artifactory Binary Repository and other binary management tools, as well as the sponsors of the Conan open source project. His passion is helping the world make better software faster, with efficient tools and processes. His particular focus is as a product manager of Conan, an MIT licensed-project that is the world’s premiere C/C++ dependency manager, and on architectures and use cases for liquid software workflows throughout the JFrog tool suite. 

As a Technical Director for DevOps/EDA, Bikash Roy Choudhury is responsible for designing and architecting solutions to address customer business requirements in their transition to agile development and application workflows across industry verticals that include EDA/high tech, financial services, gaming, social media, and web-based development organizations. Bikash has also worked on validating solutions – with Red Hat OpenStack Platform (IaaS), Apprenda (PaaS), Kubernetes/Docker, Jenkins, JFrog Artifactory, Ansible, IBM Private Cloud (PaaS), and Perforce Helix – using RESTful APIs and integrating them with data platforms that provide persistent data storage in private, hybrid, and public clouds.