Get the most out of your .NET builds with the JFrog Platform
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Webinar description:

Give your DotNet ecosystem the full power of DevOps. The JFrog Platform covers the full application lifecycle of .NET builds from developer fingertips through distribution to consumers while covering application security, vulnerability analysis and artifact flow control. In this webinar will see how you can configure your .NET builds, so that they take full advantage of JFrog Platform for managing the lifecycle of your .NET artifacts.

We’ll review:
  • How to configure msbuild to integrate with Artiifactory
  • How to build, package and deploy artifacts and control their lifecycle
  • Security scanning for .NET with JFrog Xray
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Date: July 15th
Time: 10:30 AM PT
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Duration: 60 mins
Host: Eyal Ben Moshe
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Presenter Information
Eyal Ben Moshe
Head of Ecosystem at JFrog
Eyal is the head of the Eco-System group at JFrog for the past 6 years. His teams is developing and maintaining smart and innovative open source projects, all under the domain of CI/CD and DevOps automation.