Cloud Native CI/CD with JFrog Pipelines
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JFrog Pipelines - part of the JFrog Unified DevOps Platform - is a next-gen, declarative, CI/CD solution.

Pipelines enables you to:

  • Automate your software delivery -- from code check-in, through building, testing and deploying to any environment.
  • Support both legacy and cloud-native applications - with advanced capabilities designed for modern, container-based apps.
  • Enable DevSecOps: with tight integration with JFrog Xray and Artifactory, you can take action in your CI/CD pipeline stages based off security vulnerability or compliance data (such as fail a build or a deployment of compromised components, and more).
  • Have shared visibility, security, and control across your DevOps toolchain and all delivery pipelines.

In this webinar we share a real-life demo of an application lifecycle from Dev to Production. Join us to learn how JFrog Pipelines helps you easily create smart, event-driven workflows across your tools and teams to help you improve the quality and velocity of your releases, and scale your CI/CD adoption across the organization.

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Date: August 20th
Time: 11:00 AM CET
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Duration: 1 hour
Host: Avi Cavale
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Presenter Information
Avi Cavale
Senior Director of R&D, Former CEO and co-founder of Shippable
Avi is a visionary and goal-oriented technology leader with demonstrated experience in planning, development, and implementation of cutting edge information solutions to address business opportunities. Avi joined JFrog following their acquisition of Shippable, the CI/CD technology company he co-founded