DevOps for Highly Regulated Environments
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Webinar Description:

Financial institutions, medical groups, governmental organizations, automotive companies…these types of entities all have unique and sometimes difficult-to-meet regulations. You may be required to have fine-grained auditability of your SDLC or maintain specific third-party integrations. Security models may be heightened, or certain types of compliance processes maintained. So how are we supposed to “do the DevOps” when we have so many things to worry about? In this webinar, we’ll explore some ways that you can adopt DevOps best practices and even (gasp!) thrive when building your DevOps and DevSecOps pipelines in highly-regulated industries.

The agenda:

  • Intro to DevSecOps
  • What is a regulated environment?
  • Examples of Regulations Standards
  • Why binaries matter in a regulated enviroment 
  • How Artifactory/Xray can help meet these regulations
  • Conclusion and next steps

Note: This webinar was pre-recorded, we will have a live Q&A session at the end of the presentation. 

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Date: August 11
Time: 10:30 PDT
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Duration: 1 hour
Host: Bill Manning
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Presenter Information
Bill Manning
Sr. Solutions Engineer
William is a Senior Solutions Engineer with JFrog. He is also a mentor with TechStars (Nike Incubator), Matter, and NestGSV. He has successfully exited 3 companies and took one public in Australia. He also currently helping various startups as an advisor. In his spare time, he likes to travel with his wife and two boys. He also plays guitar, lives for the beach and rides skateboards.