Kubernetes Application Log Monitoring for DevOps with JFrog and Platform9
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By design Kubernetes applications generate a high volume of log data across what could be hundreds of nodes.  Centralized logging becomes critical for production applications, as it is otherwise near-impossible to quickly find the correct log file, and logs can be lost when pods crash.

Join Platform9 and JFrog as we show you how to quickly set up centralized logging with EFK (Elasticsearch, FluentD and Kibana; together one of the most popular open source Kubernetes logging solutions), and how to utilize the logging data to monitor & troubleshoot.  We’ll provide a step-by-step demo of how to create a Kubernetes environment with the EFK logging solution using JFrog’s ChartCenter to find Helm chart applications for key components of this solution, and Platform9’s free Managed Kubernetes service to deploy an open source Kubernetes environment.


  • The Kubernetes logging challenge
  • Discuss solutions for SREs and DevOps - centralized logging and EFK
  • Find Helm charts that help on ChartCenter
  • Deploy chart applications: Prometheus 
  • Tutorial of setting up Kubernetes (PMKFT managed service) + EFK (Elasticsearch and KIbana from ChartCenter, FluentD included in PMK)
  • Using EFK to monitor applications
  • Q&A
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Date: August 18th
Time: 10:30 AM PT
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Duration: 60 minutes
Deep Datta
Chris Jones
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Presenter Information
Deep Datta, Community Product Manager, JFrog
Chris Jones, Product Manager, Platfrorm9
Deep Datta is a Product Manager with JFrog managing the GoCenter - The Central Go Modules Repository. He loves encouraging diversity in tech and he has a passion for helping people join open source communities. Before JFrog he helped build and manage open source programs at Indeed and Benetech.org. Outside of work, Deep likes to travel the world, go to live music events, learn Golang, and find beautiful places to go hiking.

Chris has over a decade of experience in the application performance management space. Spanning industry experience in banking, consulting across APJ, implementing end-to-end solutions and product managing Foglight Evolve Hybrid Cloud Management, Chris is now the Product Manager of Platform9 Managed Kubernetes at Platform9. Chris has spent his career working with businesses to ensure high performing applications, infrastructure availability and is now focused on simplifying clouds and bringing Kubernetes to every business