Accelerating Deployment with Virtual Kubelet and Artifactory
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Virtual Kubelet simplifies management of your Kubernetes cluster by rapidly spinning up pods behind an abstraction that takes care of scaling up and down your cluster. JFrog Artifactory is a universal binary repository that serves as a highly scalable container registry with advanced security scanning of container images. By combining Virtual Kubelet on Azure Container Instances (ACI) for fast orchestration and Artifactory to reliably serve container images, you get a highly scalable and secure platform for application deployment. Learn how to take your cloud-native, DevOps infrastructure to the next level with Adi Polak, Cloud Developer at Microsoft and Melissa McKay, Developer Advocate at JFrog.
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Date: September 24th
Time: 10:30 AM PDT
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Duration: 1 hour
Melissa McKay
Adi Polak
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Presenter Information
Melissa McKay
Developer Advocate
Adi Polak
Senior Software Engineer
Melissa is currently a Developer Advocate with the JFrog Developer Relations team. She has been active in the software industry over 20 years and her background and experience spans a slew of technologies and tools used in the development and operation of enterprise products and services. Melissa is active in the developer community, has spoken at CodeOne, Java Dev Day Mexico and assists with organizing the JCrete and JAlba Unconferences as well as Devoxx4Kids events.

Adi Polak is a senior software engineer and a developer advocate at Microsoft working on Azure, where she focuses on distributed systems, big data analysis, machine learning at scale and functional programming. As a developer advocate, Adi brings her vast experience in tech and help both startups and enterprises to design, architect and build their software and infrastructure with cost-effective, scalability, team knowledge and business needs in mind.

Adi was nominated to be 1 of 25 influential women in Software Development by Apiumhub.