Recover from a breach like Solarwinds with the JFrog Platform

Webinar Description

In this webinar, we will discuss concerns over security, privacy, and compliance holding back organizations from making the move to fully cloud-native initiatives. We will also briefly discuss the recent software supply chain attack on SolarWinds and how if you’re using the JFrog Platform, you can find out if and where you’ve been impacted and remediate quickly and efficiently. Plus you will have a platform that can form the single-source-of-truth you need for enterprise wide binary lifecycle management.

As more and more companies orchestrate their containerized applications in Kubernetes, enabling DevSecOps and continuous security becomes a must. We will look at the end-to-end SDLC process - from the first line of code up to an application running in a Kubernetes cluster - to examine the importance of DevSecOps.


  • From DevOps to DevSecOps
  • Container security: why it is different, and tips for streamlining security and governance for cloud-native apps
  • SolarWinds Hack: how to recover from the impact fast and minimize the possibility of that happening to you again in the future
  • Patterns for minimizing setup and process overhead for developers to accelerate DevSecOps adoption
  • Overview of the end-to-end delivery process for K8s-based apps - highlighting key security concerns along the way and best practices for addressing them
  • Demo of how to use the JFrog Platform to enable DevSecOps and “shift-left” security for Kubernetes applications. We’ll review Artifactory, JFrog Xray for built-in continuous security and deep recursive scanning of container images, setting up compliance rules, CI/CD Pipelines, and more...

Presenter Information

Sven Ruppert

Developer Advocate

Sven is working as Developer Advocate for Jfrog and coding Java since 1996 in industrial projects. He was working over 15 years as a consultant worldwide in industries like Automotive, Space, Insurance, Banking, UN and WorldBank. He is regularly speaking at Conferences and Meetups worldwide and contributes to IT periodicals, as well as tech portals.Additional to his main topic DevSecOps he is working on Mutation Testing of Web apps and Distributed UnitTesting besides his evergreen topics Core Java and Kotlin
Date:   May 11th
Time:   10:30 AM PT | 1:30 PM ET
Duration   1 hour
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