The Fast & The Foolproof: Automation & Observability for DevOps

Webinar Description

Webinar Description:

When software teams are charged with delivering higher quality software, faster - how do you effectively enable collaboration and observability while eliminating risk and manual processes? In this webinar, Ali Sardar from JFrog and Rob Jahn from Dynatrace will address how to overcome these challenges and unlock speed, observability, and automation across your DevOps lifecycle. In addition to best practices shared by our speakers, you will also see both products in action - meeting the critical needs of development and operations teams, covering use cases that include:

  • Gaining observability to produce context-rich deployment and problem notifications for faster issue diagnosis
  • Automating remediation of issues to fix things fast before your customers (or boss) see them
  • Reducing meantime to resolution through data-driven intelligence and orchestration that keep you focused on software delivery, not war rooms

Presenter Information

Ali Sardar

Senior Product Manager, Partner @ JFrog

Rob Jahn

Technical Alliance Manager at Dynatrace

Date:   August 25th
Time:   11:00 AM PT | 2:00 PM ET
Duration   1 hour
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