Behind the Curtain - The Road to Terraform with JFrog

Webinar Description

Transitioning to a new DevOps technology can be a daunting task, especially when it potentially impacts a solution being used by millions of developers around the globe. JFrog’s own DevOps team recently adopted Terraform in support of the JFrog SaaS offering and in the process helped guide creation of Artifactory’s support for Terraform modules, provider, and state files.

Join us on June 2nd for a 30 minute webinar where Amit Daniel, JFrog DevOps Team Leader, and Ben Ifrach, JFrog Product Manager, sit down to discuss the experience of adopting Terraform and how that experience directly informed supporting it in Artifactory. We’ll cover:

  • What prompted JFrog to use Terraform
  • Hurdles overcome in making the change
  • Lessons learned that impacted product development
  • A quick look at how you can store/manage your Terraform files with Artifactory

Date:   June 2
Time:   11 am PT
Duration   1 hour
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