Securing your OSS Supply Chain

Webinar Description

With OSS, not knowing where all your software comes from means hard-to-spot risks to the integrity of your services. Without constant identity checks and safety protocols for keys and secrets, open-source dependencies can open the door to breaches, exploits, and supply chain attacks.

Enter Pyrsia -- your torch that lights up the open-source supply chain!

Join our product engineering team to learn this new OSS tool allowing you to:

  • Confidently Providence Packages (e.g. Signed commit, Build log attestations, Non-repudiation of publisher)
  • Create Immutable History (e.g. transparency log of every package in its original state and its metadata as it changes over time)
  • Create Secure and Efficient Distribution (e.g. verifiable integrity of the package and its source)

Discover Fault tolerance - Distrusted network storage means

Who should attend:
Security Devs / DevOps / OSS / Security Architect / CSO, CICD, release managers

Presenter Information

Sudhindra Rao

Development Manager

Sudhindra is a Development Manager at JFrog helping to build applications that are critical to business, and believes in releasing fast and often.
Date:   July 7th
Time:   11 AM PT
Duration   1 hour
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