Keeping Dev, DevOps and Security United

December 1, 2022 | 11:00 AM PT

Securing software supply chains starts by knowing what’s in them. A universal binary management solution, such as JFrog Artifactory, keeps the binaries, packages, and components for all the software technologies your organization uses in one place – a single source of truth for the supply chain.

Once you’ve established a secure circle of trust for binaries, a binaries-focused security solution such as JFrog Xray can harden that circle, by providing automated vigilance of what’s inside those binaries and how vulnerable they are to being exploited.

When it comes to securing your organization’s software supply chain, there is no better combination than the JFrog DevOps Platform with Artifactory and Xray.

In this webinar, we discuss the following:

  • Create transparency and efficiency between DevOps, Engineering, and Security
  • Know what 3rd party packages are in your supply chain and that they’re safe for use
  • Improve security with integrated checks and gates throughout your SDLC
  • See the big picture and easily take action with a single source of truth

Great on their own. Even better together. JFrog Artifactory + Xray is the leading combination to manage and secure your software supply chain.


William Manning

Solutions Engineering Manager


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