Smart and Secure Distribution of Docker images and more with JFrog Bintray
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Webinar Description:
Maintaining a download center eats up valuable resources. JFrog Bintray offers a new and effective way to distribute your software packages, both internally and externally. Whether you're distributing commercial software that requires a secure permission-based download center, or want to distribute free open source software, Bintray has the solution. Join us to see how easy and cost-effective it is to setup and maintain your download center in the cloud with Bintray.

Who should attend:
DevOps engineers and Administrators who want to distribute software with accuracy and security.

There are no prerequisites for this webinar

  • How to easily automate your software and container distribution, with a CDN, access control and usage stats.
  • Manage your user entitlements in Bintray
  • Support for Docker and other major software packaging types for distribution such as (yum, debian, zip etc.)
  • Continuous distribution - taking continuous integration and continuous delivery one step further.
  • The pain of building and maintaining your own download center and how Bintray solves it.
  • Demo: From zero to a fully automated download center

Presenter: Mansimran Singh

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Date: Nov 10, 2016
Time: 10:30AM PST US
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Duration: 1 Hour
Host(s): Mansimran Singh
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Presenter Information
Mansimran Singh
Mansimran Singh is a solutions engineer at JFrog, the creators of Artifactory, the only universal repository, the home of Bintray, JavaOne 2011 and 2013 Duke Choice Awards winner.

Before coming to Jfrog Mansimran was serving as a solutions engineer at Dataguise where he was responsible for planning & implementing hadoop security integrations for customers. In his spare time he likes to travel and explore new places.