EMEA Webinar: Intro to JFrog Artifactory
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Webinar Description:
Learn how to speed up your development pipeline using JFrog Artifactory. We will review the essential features that will enable you to automate software package management from development to distribution. The webinar is optimized for Java users.

Who should attend:
Developers and DevOps engineers who are looking to get an overview of JFrog Artifactory and its common usage scenarios.  

There are no prerequisites to complete prior to this webinar.

The Agenda
  • What is JFrog Artifactory?
  • Why do we need JFrog Artifactory?
  • JFrog Artifactory Usage Scenarios:
    • Resolve dependencies
    • Manage deployment of artifacts
    • As a system of record for CI/CD
  • Product Demo

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Date: Tuesday, January 30th
Time: 12:30 PM CET
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Duration: 1 Hour
Host: Galit Nadler
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Presenter Information
Galit Nadler
Solution Engineer, JFrog

Galit Nadler is a Solution Engineer at JFrog, the creator of Artifactory, which is used by millions of developers worldwide.

Her main focus is easing the life of developers through processes of automation using JFrog products.

Galit has a vast experience in the field of cloud-native applications and PaaS solutions.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree (B.sc) in Computer Science and an MBA. Prior to JFrog, Galit was an IT team leader in an elite military intelligence tech unit in the IDF.