Pizza vs DevOps: Setting up a pipeline in 1hr or less with Microsoft Azure
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Webinar Description:

What is faster - to make and deliver pizza OR to set up a complete DevOps pipeline in the cloud?

In this webinar, Baruch Sadogursky of JFrog and Jessica Deen of Microsoft will demonstrate that it shouldn’t take months or even days to create a fully-fledged DevOps pipeline in a cloud. From source control, CI server, artifact repository, security vulnerability and license compliance scanner, Docker registry, Helm repository... all the way to runtime, with Kubernetes, tracing and monitoring tools. We mean EVERYTHING!

By using the K.I.S.S. principle (keep it simple) applied to SaaS tools, we can create an entire DevOps pipeline in an hour or less! Or can’t we? Only one will win!

Who should attend:

Software, operations and SRE engineers applying DevOps principles and looking for a way to utilize SaaS tools for their pipelines.


General knowledge of concepts and tools involved in software delivery pipelines

The Agenda:

  • General overview of the target pipeline (15 minutes)
  • Order pizza (1 minute)
  • Set up the pipeline (29 minutes)
  • Celebrate the winner (1 minute)
  • Q&A (14 minutes)

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Date: Tuesday, February 26th
Time: 10:30 AM PST
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Duration: 60 Min
Baruch Sadogursky
Jessica Deen
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Presenter Information
Head Developer Advocate
Cloud Developer Advocate
Baruch Sadogursky (a.k.a JBaruch) is the Chief Sticker Officer (also, Head of Developer Relations) at JFrog. His passion is speaking about technology. Well, speaking in general, but doing it about technology makes him look smart, and 17 years of hi-tech experience sure helps. When he’s not on stage (or on a plane to get there), he learns about technology, people and how they work, or more precisely, don’t work together.

He is a CNCF ambassador, Developer Champion, and a professional conference speaker on DevOps, Java and Groovy topics, and is a regular at the industry’s most prestigious events including JavaOne (where he was awarded a Rock Star award), DockerCon, Devoxx, DevOps Days, OSCON, Qcon and many others.

Jessica is a Cloud Developer Advocate for Microsoft focusing on Azure, Infrastructure, DevOps, and OSS. Prior to joining Microsoft, she spent over a decade as an IT Consultant / Systems Administrator for various corporate and enterprise environments, catering to end users and IT professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Jessica is a CNCF ambassador, holds three Microsoft Certifications (MCP, MSTS, Azure Infrastructure), 3 CompTIA certifications (A+, Network+, and Security+), 4 Apple Certifications, and is a former 4-year Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Windows and Devices for IT. In 2013, she also achieved her FEMA certification from the U.S Department of Homeland Security, which recognizes her leadership and influence abilities during times of crisis and emergency.

When she’s not doing something geeky, you can find her doing something active, most likely running out of breath at her local CrossFit gym or hiking. She also enjoys biking (motorcycles and/or bicycles), shooting, eating, reading, and hanging with her 5-year-old rescue pup