Edge & Hybrid Software Distribution with AWS & JFrog
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Are you looking to migrate and modernize your infrastructure with AWS edge services? Do you need to distribute your software releases globally? JFrog and AWS have the answers to your hybrid infrastructure needs. JFrog will be hosting a webinar with Anuj Sharma, AWS Container Specialist Solution Architect, and Sven Ruppert, JFrog Developer Advocate.

This webinar will provide insights into AWS services and use cases on migration and modernization, as well as securing your infrastructure. Next, we’ll discuss the challenges and new requirements for modern software distribution and key guidance for overcoming the bottlenecks in the next era of large-scale application delivery. We will show JFrog’s solution for distributing software assets across data centers, clouds, and Edge devices. We’ll cover immutable releases (BOMs), how JFrog helps to secure and distribute them, with specific use cases around CDN, peer-to-peer hybrid distribution for cloud-native artifacts, and air-gapped releases.

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Date: January 28th
Time: 10:30 AM PST
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Duration: 60 min
Sven Rupert
Anuj Sharma
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Presenter Information
Sven Rupert
Developer Advocate
Anuj Sharma
AWS Container Specialist Solution Architect
Sven is working as Developer Advocate for Jfrog and coding Java since 1996 in industrial projects. He was working over 15 years as a consultant worldwide in industries like Automotive, Space, Insurance, Banking, UN and WorldBank. He is regularly speaking at Conferences and Meetups worldwide and contributes to IT periodicals, as well as tech portals.Additional to his main topic DevSecOps he is working on Mutation Testing of Web apps and Distributed UnitTesting besides his evergreen topics Core Java and Kotlin

Anuj is a container specialist solution architect at Amazon Web Services and has been building on AWS for over 7 years. He has hands-on industry experience for over 15 years in application and infrastructure development. When not developing, he likes to hike around Mt Rainier.