DevOps Insights from your Binaries with Datadog and JFrog

Webinar Description

Your software development teams may be serving millions of software artifacts each day. You should be missing out on some amazing insights on how your customers and developers are using these artifacts. For example:

  • What is the most requested artifact?
  • What are the most popular repositories?
  • Who are your heaviest users?
  • For security, which users are doing bad things? From which IPs?

Join this webinar to learn how monitoring JFrog Platform with Datadog and gathering this data can help you answer these questions and provide feedback into some of your own development strategies.

Presenter Information

Jeff Fry

Senior Technical Alliance Manager @ JFrog

Ryan MacLean

Tech Evangelist with Datadog

Date:   May 05th
Time:   10:30 AM PST|1:30 PM EST
Duration   1 hour
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