Leap Left for Security: The DORA Report Roundtable

December 5th | 11:00 AM CET

In 2021 over 22 billion records were exposed because of data breaches and numerous other malicious attacks - many of them related to utilization of software supply chain weaknesses and malpractices. Securing the software supply chain becomes a prioritized effort for every organization as well as regulators and standardization bodies across the globe. Such efforts are still being explored and examined to find the right balance between security and fast delivery.

Join Nati Davidi, Senior Vice President of JFrog Security as he discusses the report findings with DORA report authors Eric Maxwell, Application Modernization Lead at Google, and John Speed Meyers, Security Data Scientist at Chainguard. This will be a roundtable discussion covering security, DevOps, and how companies like JFrog are tackling these challenges head on.

JFrog is a proud co-sponsor of Google Cloud’s DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) Accelerate State of DevOps Report. The report is an essential, data-driven asset that examines capabilities and practices that drive software delivery as well as operational and organizational performance.



Eric Maxwell

Application Modernization Lead


Nati Davidi

SVP, Security


John Speed Meyers

Security Data Scientist


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