JFrog Advanced Security

Workshop Description

Join us this November as Sven Ruppert, JFrog Developer Advocate, walks attendees through the new JFrog Advanced Security capabilities in our upcoming workshop. With JFrog you can intelligently deliver secure software at speed and scale with the industry’s only DevOps-centric security solution.

Attendees will have to sign up prior to the workshop with a trial instance to unlock JFrog Advanced Security features.


Bring your questions and tune in to our live workshop as we deep dive into these new features:

  • Exposed Secrets: Detect secrets left exposed in any containers to prevent any accidental leak of internal tokens or credentials
  • Insecure use of Libraries and Services: Discover whether common OSS libraries and services are used or configured insecurely
  • Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC): Scan IaC files for early detection of cloud and infrastructure misconfigurations
  • Container Contextual Analysis: Container image scanning to detect whether the open source software vulnerabilities detected are actually exploitable in the application – an industry first

Presenter Information

Sven Ruppert

Developer Advocate

Sven spent almost 20 years as a consultant worldwide in automotive, aerospace, insurance, banking, UN and WorldBank before joining JFrog as a developer advocate. Sven has been giving lectures at international conferences and regularly publishing online and in classic magazines and books for nearly ten years. As a developer advocate for JFrog, Sven deals with DevSecOps, cybersecurity and cyberdefense, and traditional developer topics such as Core Java/Kotlin, mutation, and distributed unit testing.
Date:   November 30
Time:   9am PT / 6pm CET
Duration:   2 hours

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