DevOps omniscience with JFrog Xray - Universal Component & Impact Analysis for your Data Center
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Learn how to leverage JFrog Xray to achieve radical transparency of the binary components in your data center. Understand the impact of these components on production system quality, performance, and architectural changes.

Who should attend:
Developers and DevOps engineers who are looking to get an overview of JFrog Xray and its common usage scenarios.


  • What is JFrog Xray?
  • Why do you need JFrog Xray?
  • Creating the dependencies graph
  • Impact Analysis of components on production systems
  • Universal - configurable security auditing and license violations checks
  • Automation with open API
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Date: Thu, July 14, 2016
Time: 10:30 AM PST
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Duration: 1 Hour
Host(s): Baruch Sadogursky
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Presenter Information
Baruch Sadogursky
Baruch Sadogursky (a.k.a JBaruch) is the Developer Advocate of JFrog, the creators of Artifactory Binary Repository, the home of Bintray, JavaOne 2011 and 2013 Duke Choice Awards winner.

For a living he hangs out with the JFrog tech leaders, writes some code around Artifactory and Bintray, and then speaks and blogs about all that. He does it repeatedly for the last dozen of years and enjoys every moment of it.

Baruch is @jbaruch on twitter and mostly blogs on http://www.jfrog.com/blog
His speaker history on Lanyrd: http://lanyrd.com/profile/jbaruch/sessions