Modern DevOps Workflow for C/C++ with Conan and the New ConanCenter
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Webinar Description:

This webinar will introduce the basic toolset around the Conan package manager and explain how this integrates with a complete DevOps workflow for C and C++ languages. Topics covered will include: Why and how to manage C/C++ software as binary packages in the DevOps lifecycle, leveraging the new ConanCenter to make adoption of Conan for third party libraries faster and easier than ever using automatic tests, and explain Jenkins integration and Artifactory support for Conan, using the example of the ConanCenter Continuous Integration process. We’ll also provide a ConanCenter demo and briefly cover the new inclusion process to add packages.

Who should attend:

C / C++ developers interested in learning about Conan package management


Some experience with C / C++

The Agenda:

  • C / C++ Package Management
  • Making Conan better with ConanCenter
  • C/C++ DevOps Workflow
  • Demo of the new ConanCenter
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Date: February 18th
Time: 11:00 AM CET
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Duration: 1 hour
Mark Galpin
Deep Datta
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Presenter Information
Mark Galpin, Senior Product Manager
Deep Datta, Product Manager

Mark Galpin is a Senior Product Manager at JFrog, the creators of the Artifactory Binary Repository and other binary management tools, as well as the sponsors of the Conan open source project. His passion is helping the world make better software faster, with efficient tools and processes. His particular focus is as a product manager of Conan, an MIT licensed-project that is the world’s premiere C/C++ dependency manager, and on architectures and use cases for liquid software workflows throughout the JFrog tool suite.

Deep Datta is a Community Product Manager with JFrog. He enjoys working with diverse individuals in technolgy and has a passion for building open source communities. Before JFrog he managed open source programs at Indeed and Benetech.org. He also loves social impact. Outside of work, Deep likes to travel the world, go to live music events, and find beautiful places to hike.